• Stacker DM-DL

    Stacker DM-DL

    ★Five sections using high-strength belt conveyor,Frequency loop control,Precision Auto Points,Automatically change for a single pile smooth delivery,rapid separation and delivered to the Ministry of basket gantry.
    ★sun gear press paper does ···

  • Stacker DM-XLM

    Stacker DM-XLM

    ★gantry stacking. Changing single time is 5seconds,automatic counting, automatic cross out automatically for a single.
    ★Synchronized with the production management system,order mangement,Centralized management,do not slow down automatically for a···

  • Stacker DMT-150 (200)

    Stacker DMT-150 (200)

    ★gantry stacking. Change order time  20 seconds,automatic counting.
    ★Synchronized with the production management system,orders management,Centralized management,Do not slow down automatically for a single.
    ★Production management for a si···

  • Stacker DMT-120

    Stacker DMT-120

    ★Adopted on the 16th channel welded。Electric adjustment of cardboard the size of the lateral output pneumatic control board, electrically adjustable conveyor speed.
    ★Cardboard sheets to the desired number or height requirements will be controlle···