• Double facer SM-E2

    Double facer SM-E2

    ★surface of hot plate is dealed with grinding, hot plate width600mm,Minister cooling stereotypes 5m.
    ★Hot plate is made adopt container board, enclosed pressure container certificate and inspection certificate。Internal thermal panels for par···

  • Double facer SM-F

    Double facer SM-F

    ★Heating plate surface by grinding treatment,hot plate width600mm.
    ★Preheat board is made of container board,  in accordance with the national standard of pressure container, enclosed the pressure container certificate and inspection ce···

  • Double facer SM-10

    Double facer SM-10

    ★Heating plate surface by grinding treatment, hot plate width 600mm, a total of 12 heating plate and cooling 4 m.
    ★Heating plate with a container board production, in line with national
    standards for a class pressure vessel, with pressure vessel···