Maintenance tips

To prolong the service life of the ink roller, printing technology experts suggest that in actual operation, please keep the following in mind:

The pressure adjustment of the ink roller should meet the requirements, and the pressure of the plate roller should be checked weekly.

When the operator just goes to work, he should check the various parameters of the water tank, and then when the water in the water tank reaches the water level, turn on the water bucket roller, and finally close the handles at both ends of the water bucket roller, and then turn on the water bucket roller to make the measurement. There is a uniform water film on the surface of the roller.

Since the ink roller is a vulnerable part, the customer should use the ink roller and water roller provided with the printer for rotation according to the printer maintenance specifications, remove the ink roller for maintenance every month, and recycle the two sets of water and ink rollers.

When loading, pulling and topping the plate, pay attention not to deform or damage the plate too much. If it is too deformed or damaged, it should be replaced immediately.

Do not engrave gauge lines or other marks on the plate.

Wash the car once every shift and keep the metering roller clean.

Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the water roller.

Regularly use ink roller cleaner to deep clean and decalcify the ink roller.

After the disassembled ink roller is maintained with stain-removing paste, keep it away from light; check the bearings at both ends of the disassembled ink roller.

Pay attention to the temperature requirements of the operation and improve the working environment.

Post time: Aug-31-2021