A. Paper feeding department: 1. The main motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, the system is noiseless, and the speed regulation is flexible and stable. 2. Double-servo paper feeding method is adopted to make adjustment stable, efficient and accurate. 3. The front paper feeding part can be adjusted electrically, which is suitable for the paper feeding needs of various carton boxes, which is convenient and quick. 4. Equipped with side flapping device to ensure that the paper is not skewed. B. Nail box part of the head group: The front edge is sent into the nail box part of the head group, and then patted into place on the front side of the nail box. C. Paper receiving part: 1. The paper receiving part is the buffer connection of the folding part immediately after the cardboard nailed out by the head group is sent out. D. Folding part 1. Linkage with paper feeding part, frequency conversion speed regulation. 2. Imported porous belt is used to convey the cardboard, which is automatically folded and absorbed in the whole process, effectively avoiding the skew, slipping and stacking of various cardboards such as heavy boxes, film boxes, glazing boxes, etc., making the whole machine more stable and efficient .
Hebei Dongguang County Honghai Carton Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. E. Correction Department 1. This machine will have a shaping device before the nail box after the folding part. Before the nail box, the folded carton will be reshaped and patted to ensure the nailing. The carton that came out had no scissors. 2. Servo motor is used in the correction part. F. Nail box section 1. The nail box head is made of special material, which is wear-resistant and not easy to damage. 2. The characteristic of this machine is that the head is directly driven by a servo motor, and the speed is stable and accurate. 3. Two reels of 20kg large reel flat wire automatic wire feeding device is used for the nailing line at a time, which reduces the number of wire changes and improves production efficiency. 4. This machine can perform multi-function operations of single nails, double nails, strengthening nails, and head and tail nails on cartons. 5. The nailing speed can reach 700-800 nails/minute per minute. G. Counting and stacking output section After the nail box section completes the carton, the counting and stacking section will automatically send it out and pack it.

Main mechanical parameters:

Model and parameters                                 SQDJ-2500 SQDJ-2800                                         SQDJ-2500 SQDJ-2800

Maximum size (A+B)                   1250 (single piece)1100 (double piece)                    1550 (single piece) 1400 (double piece)

Minimum size (A+B)                                                      650                                                                                  650

Maximum size (C+D+C)                                                860                                                                                  860

Minimum size ( C+D+C)                                                360                                                                                  360

Minimum flap C                                                                 25                                                                                    25

Maximum flap C                                                               500                                                                                 500

Maximum width B                                                            500                                                                                 650

Minimum width B                                                            200                                                                                  200

Maximum length A                                                           900                                                                                 1050

Minimum length A                                                           450                                                                                   450

Maximum height D                                                           700                                                                                  700

Minimum height D                                                             110                                                                                   110

Nail tongue width E                                                         30-35                                                                              30-35

Nail pitch (mm)                                              30-120 (high-speed mode)                                            30-120 (high-speed mode)

Number of nails                                                                2-99                                                                                   2-99

Mechanical speed (nails/minute)                             700-800                                                                            700-800

Mechanical weight (T)                                                       12T                                                                                     14T

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