Paper is mainly made of wood, bamboo pulp, and grass containing different fiber materials. The thickness of the paper produced by the paper mill, or built into paper and cardboard. But the line is not strict. Generally speaking, the basis weight is less than 200 g/m or less than 0.1 mm thick. Collectively referred to as paper, with a thickness of more than 200 g/m and a thickness of more than 0.1 mm, it is called paperboard.

Calculation: Quantitative basis weight of paper, paper and cardboard. The basis weight of paper and cardboard per square meter area is called weight (g/㎡), which means that it is allowed to send each other plus or minus 5%. Measure flat paper yuan” as a unit, 500 per ream.
The structural design of corrugated cardboard is scientific. Every aspect of it shows that the arched door is like a corrugated wave, supporting each other to form a triangular structure that is strong and powerful. It can also withstand pressure from the plane, it is elastic, and cushions. The power is powerful and can play the role of impact and protection of goods.
At present, all corrugated paper types mainly include A, C B and E, and the following standards: Corrugated paper The number of corrugated paper/square meter corrugated paper.

Post time: Jun-26-2021