For more than half a century, corrugated boxes have gradually replaced wooden boxes and other transport packaging containers with their superior use performance and good processing performance, and have become the main force of transport packaging. In addition to protecting commodities, facilitating storage and transportation, it also plays a role in beautifying and promoting commodities. Corrugated boxes are environmentally friendly products, which are good for environmental protection and convenient for loading, unloading and transportation.

Whether it is a cardboard factory or a carton factory, it will more or less encounter a scene that is unwilling to see due to the softening of the situation, compensation, return, compensation, etc. What is the reason for the softening of heavy corrugated boxes?

The cardboard material is one, the production technology and processing technology are the second, and the storage and transportation environment is the third. No matter what kind of paper it is, it will soften when exposed to humid air for a long time and balance with the humidity in the air. This is inevitable.

In terms of material, if conditions permit, it is recommended to choose pit paper with higher strength and weight. At present, there is a pit paper containing water repellent that you can refer to to reduce the softening of heavy corrugated boxes.

In the production process of paperboard, preheating is required, and preheating can easily achieve the effect of drying. In this process, proper increase of paste formulation and waterproof additives can greatly reduce the occurrence of softening.

In the production and processing of heavy corrugated boxes, strictly control to reduce man-made damage, avoid repeated pre-pressing or excessive pre-pressing, etc., the design of the printing content should be rationalized, and avoid full-page printing and full-die cutting as much as possible. The softness of heavy corrugated boxes.

There is also an environment for storage and transportation. It is recommended to use a wooden backing board to isolate the direct contact between the carton and the ground, so that it will not smudge a large area of ​​the carton due to the moisture on the ground. Install a needle-type thermometer and hygrometer in the storage environment, and adjust the temperature and humidity of the storage environment according to the weather and environment. It is recommended to use common box trucks for transportation, which can better protect the cardboard or cartons from drying, and minimize or isolate the softening phenomenon due to weather factors.

Post time: Nov-28-2021