1. Poor adhesion (open glue, fake glue)
The performance is: after the initial adhesion of the cardboard for 5 minutes, under the action of external force, the inside, the surface or the A, B tiles or the sandwich are completely separated, and all the paper fibers are intact, not being napped, and white or colorless paper appears in the adhesive. Strip, no fiber attached.
Cause:                                                                                                      Solution:

①The surface paper force is too large                        ①Adjust the brake device to reduce friction

②The moisture content of the paper core paper is too large.     ②Increase the preheating surface or change the paper to reduce the speed
③Small adhesion amount of adhesive                          ③Increase adhesion amount of adhesive
④The rubber roller and the floating roller are unbalanced     ④Adjust the reasonable gap between the two
⑤The sail towel belt lift is not working properly                    ⑤Check the hydraulic device and mechanical adjustment system

⑥The quality of the adhesive is not good.                    ⑥ Correct the quality of the adhesive and use a suitable adhesive
⑦Insufficient calories, poor starch gelatinization                   ⑦Check and eliminate the factors of insufficient calories
⑧The heat is too high, and the starch condenses prematurely.  ⑧Appropriately reduce preheating or pressure
⑨The adhesive forms agglomerates, and the glue is uneven.   ⑨Resolve the quality of the adhesive

2. Partial degumming
performance: the two-layer bonded part of the paper does not require external force or a slight external force to separate, which is abnormal separation, which is degumming, also called false adhesion and open glue.

①Adhesive quality is not good
②The adhesion amount of adhesive is small.
③The surface temperature of the corrugated roller is unbalanced or the temperature is not enough.
④The temperature of the hot plate of the double-sided machine is not enough.
⑤The moisture content of the base paper is too high.
⑥ The vehicle speed is too fast


①Replace the adhesive or improve the adhesive quality (penetration)

②Adjust the glue amount to increase the adhesion amount

③Check whether the condensate discharge and   air  supply pressure meet the requirements

④Check whether the air supply part is faulty

⑤Increase warm-up or change paper

⑥ Reduce the vehicle speed appropriately and adjust to a suitable speed

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