When it comes to the lack of corrugated cardboard, many people will think of corrugated cardboard. In fact, this phenomenon is not the same as inverted. It is recommended to investigate from several aspects such as raw materials, single tile machines, flyovers, pasting machines, conveyor belts, pressure rollers, and the back section of the tile line to analyze the reasons and solve them.

(1) Raw materials

The corrugated paper used must meet national standards. For example, for 105 grams of corrugated paper, the base paper manufacturer must meet the B-level national standard. The ring pressure of C-level paper is not enough, and it is easy to cause corrugation collapse.

The quality control work of each carton factory must be in place. The company first sets the corporate standard, and then requires the supplier to do it in accordance with the standard.

(2) Single tile machine

1) Temperature.

Is the temperature of the corrugating roller sufficient? When the temperature of the corrugated rod is not enough, the height of the corrugation made is not enough. Generally, a well-managed company will send someone to check the temperature of the entire assembly line (it is recommended that the person in charge of the boiler do this work). When a temperature problem is found, the supervisor on duty and the captain of the machine are notified in time, the mechanics are notified to deal with it, and all preheating cylinders are inspected and overhauled every month.

2) Dirt on the surface of the corrugated roller.

Before starting up every day, the corrugated roller is preheated and scrubbed with light engine oil to clean up the slag and garbage on the corrugated roller.

3) The adjustment of the gap between the rollers is very important in production.

The gap between the gluing roller and the corrugating roller is generally when the corrugating roller is preheated for 30 minutes to maximize the expansion of the corrugating roller. The thickness of a piece of paper with the lowest weight in the company is used as the gap. It must be checked every day before starting the machine.

The gap between the corrugating roller and the pressure roller is generally determined according to the production situation, and a good fit must be ensured.

The gap between the upper corrugating roller and the lower corrugating roller is very important. If it is not adjusted properly, the shape of the corrugation produced will be irregular, which is most likely to cause insufficient thickness.

4) The degree of wear of the corrugated roller.

Check the production status of the corrugated roll at any time, whether it is necessary to replace it. It is recommended to use tungsten carbide corrugated roller, because its high wear resistance can reduce the production cost. In the case of stable operation, it is estimated that the cost will be recovered within 6-8 months.

(3) Cross the paper flyover

Don’t accumulate too much single-tile paper on the flyover. If the tension is too large, the single-tile paper will be worn down and the cardboard will not be thick enough. It is recommended to install a computerized production management system, which can effectively prevent such incidents from happening, but now many domestic manufacturers have them, but they will not use it, which is a waste.

When choosing a paper flyover installation manufacturer, careful consideration should be given to avoid the production being affected by the air intake of the flyover. If the air intake of the flyover is too large, it is very easy to cause the corrugation to collapse. Pay attention to the rotation of each axis, and check the parallelism of each axis frequently and pay attention at all times.

(4) Paste machine

1) The pressing roller on the paste roller is too low, and the gap between the pressing rollers must be adjusted, generally down by 2-3 mm.

2) Pay attention to the radial and axial runout of the pressure roller, and it cannot be elliptical.

3) There is a lot of knowledge in choosing a touch bar. Now more and more factories are choosing to use contact pressure rods as riding reels (press rollers). This is a big innovation, but there are still many situations where operators need to adjust the pressure.

4) The amount of paste should not be too large, so as not to cause deformation of the Lengfeng. It’s not that the larger the amount of glue, the better the fit, we must pay attention to the paste formula and production process.

(5) Canvas belt

The canvas belt should be cleaned regularly once a day, and the canvas belt should be cleaned up every week. Generally, the canvas belt is soaked in water for a period of time, and after it is softened, it is cleaned with a wire brush. Never try to save a moment of time and cause more time to be lost when the accumulation reaches a certain level.

In order to produce high-quality products, canvas belts are required to have good air permeability. After reaching a certain time, it must be replaced. Don’t cause the cardboard to be warped due to temporary cost savings, and the gain is more than the loss.

(6) Pressure roller

1) A reasonable number of pressure rollers must be used. In different seasons, the number of pressure rollers used is different, and should be adjusted in time according to the actual situation.

2) The radial and axial directions of each pressure roller must be controlled within 2 filaments, otherwise the pressure roller with an oval shape will overwhelm the corrugations, resulting in insufficient thickness.

3) The gap between the pressure roller and the hot plate must be adjusted, leaving room for fine adjustment, which can be adjusted according to the shape (height) of the corrugation.

4) It is recommended that carton manufacturers use hot pressing plates instead of pressure rollers, of course, the premise is that the operation level of the employees must reach the level of use required by the automation equipment.

(7) The back section of the tile line

The entrance and exit of the cross-cutting knife must use a suitable sun gear. Generally, it is 55 degrees to 60 degrees with a Shore hardness tester to avoid crushing the cardboard.

Post time: Mar-10-2021